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redwood privacy fencing

Privacy Fencing

Privacy Fences are built taller and have no gaps between the boards, because the boards overlap slightly. As the name suggests, it keeps prying eyes out.

This can also be very helpful with dogs, as they can’t see movement next door and so they may bark less.

This is a very popular choice for those who spend a lot of time in their back yard.

lattice fencing

Lattice Fences

Lattice Fences add a touch of elegance to your yard’s decor. Lattice fencing can offer you both privacy from people passing by, and allow you to see out.

Lattice fencing can be built using a variety of wood colors, and is also paintable should you desire it to be a particular color.

This is a very good way to keep pets in the yard while still showing off your exquisite home.

rail fencing

Rail Fences

You’ve likely seen rail fences driving out in the country. They add that “country flare” to your property.

If you have large animals like horses, you’ll appreciate the sturdiness of rail fencing. And they are easy to maintain.

We can also add wire to your rails to help keep smaller animals where they belong.

picket fencing

Picket Fences

Traditional picket fences are used commonly in residential areas. There are many styles of pickets, including square cut.

The expression “White Picket Fence” usually bring images of fence pickets the come to a point at the top.

Another common cut for the pickets, “Dog Ear” is when you take off the corners of the otherwise square cut of the picket or fence board.

inset panels

Inset Panel Fences

Inset Panels can add the beauty of wood fencing between posts that are made out of other material, such as brick.

Redwood can be a good choice when you want to preserve the look of the wood. However other woods can be used and painted or stained.

The inset panels may need to be custom sized in order to fit properly. So choose a fence contractor who has some experience with building custom fences.

louver fencing

Decorative, Louver, & Garden Fences

Whatever the look you want to create, we can help you with custom design, and application.

We can help you design a fence for your needs. Just tell us what you are trying to achieve and let us help you.

We are happy to build fences for specialty applications and we can combine styles for you such as adding lattice to the top of your privacy fence.

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